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Prestige Maintenance USA Wins WBE of the Year Award

gala 2019-2

Women’s Business Council award commemorates WBE collaboration and industry leadership

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Otis Scott Joins Prestige Maintenance USA as Vice President of Human Resources



Prestige Maintenance USA (PMUSA) is pleased to announce the addition of Otis Scott as Vice President of Human Resources. Scott, who officially steps into his role on Jan. 7, 2019, brings with him a far-reaching background in the retail segment and a proven track record for developing and implementing best practices.

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When you remodel or renovate your home, you can remove everything — from furniture and rugs to people and pets — and avoid certain areas during the work. Remodeling or expanding your store or office is different. Business doesn’t stop just because you’re renovating, and your customers will expect the same cleanliness and high standards they always enjoy.

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Prestige Maintenance USA Shares Women Business Council’s ‘Women Working Together’ Award with Aztec Promotional Group

PMUSA Award Picture

Prestige Maintenance USA (PMUSA) and Aztec Promotional Group have been named the recipients of the Women’s Business Council Southwest’s 2018 Women Working Together award. The honor is given out each year to highlight a contract award between two Women Business Enterprises (WBE) and showcases the story behind the deal.

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Kyle Orlowski Joins Prestige Maintenance USA as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

head shot_Kyle Orlowski

Kyle Orlowski joins PMUSA as Vice President of Sales and Marketing after working with the company as a client for more than eight years. Having served in various leadership roles at chemical manufacturer Diversey, Kyle has a proven track record in sales innovation and leadership.

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How Core Values Shape Company Culture at PMUSA


When Prestige Maintenance USA updated its purpose statement a few months ago, it wanted to reflect some of the changes the company has been through in recent years. But, says CEO Rachel Sanchez, the company also wanted to make sure that the new statement placed an emphasis on PMUSA’s core values.

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What It Means to Provide the Right People for a Reliable Experience


When Prestige Maintenance USA began 42 years ago, founders Marie and Alex Diverno instilled the company with clear-cut core values and a well-defined purpose. Those values have served the company well, supporting its growth over the past four decades and building a strong relationship between employees and clients.

However, much has changed since the company first started, and PMUSA recently updated its purpose statement to reflect some of those changes.

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The Five Biggest Cleanliness Mistakes Retailers Make


Retail cleanliness is about more than just keeping a clean store. How a store looks on a day-to-day basis has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and ultimately the company’s bottom line.

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Innovation and Technology in the Facilities Maintenance Industry


The world has changed a lot since Marie and Alex Dinverno founded Prestige Maintenance USA back in the late 1970s. They had to manage the day-to-day operation of their growing cleaning company without the advantages of the technology that makes our jobs so much easier today.

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Why We Care About Supplier Diversity


Supplier diversity is about more than just buying products and services from minority-owned businesses; it’s about supporting communities.

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Our Capabilities

Download the PMUSA Capabilities document for complete details about the janitorial and facility maintenance services we provide.

Taking Care of Our Planet

Our green initiatives include recycling programs, and the use of energy- efficient equipment and non-toxic chemicals. Find out more »