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Get to Know Us: Toni Vincent

Toni Vincent
Director of Financial Reporting and Accounting

We are thrilled to welcome Toni Vincent to the Prestige Maintenance USA team as our Director of Financial Reporting and Accounting. During her varied career, Toni has put her accounting expertise and keen eye for detail to use in seven different industries! Get to know more about her with this brief interview.

What made you want to join PMUSA?

Initially, it was the industry. I come from a long line of people working in the service industry, and I was raised with the philosophy that it’s an honor to serve others. In the interview with Rachel, she mentioned that both she and Jason grew up in the business, going to work with their parents and doing some of the work. At about the same time, I was actually doing cleaning work for one of our cantankerous neighbors who couldn’t seem to keep a housekeeper. This lady was very, very particular about how things had to be done, and whenever she would run off one of her maids, my parents would ask me to go help her out and fill in until she got a new maid. So I could totally relate to Rachel and Jason because I’d done it myself. When I first spoke to Tamara [Jones, PMUSA’s CFO], it was an instant connection. And with the types of things that needed to be done in accounting, it just felt right.

how did those early experiences in service shape you?

I started out, like I said, when I was probably 10 or so years old as a housekeeper for my neighbor and it was quite a wonderful experience to be of service to someone that needed someone at that point. What was interesting about it was how she paid me. She paid me a nominal dollar amount, but she would always make sure she gave me a box of books because she knew I loved to read. That served as a bonding experience for me and my mom because a lot of the books she gave me were Agatha Christie mysteries, and my mom loved those kind of books too. So my mom and I would trade off reading the books and discussing. It helped us bond and developed my sense of being inquisitive. That actually carries over to my accounting work because it causes me to ask questions and to dig deeper to really understand what’s going on and see the bigger picture.


What is a typical day at pmusa like for you?

In the realm of accounting, you really have to understand how each industry handles things, so right now, I’m still working to understand the way the service industry and, in particular, the janitorial industry, does its accounting — the types of accounts they use, the tools, the inventory that’s involved and how they account for it. I’ve been doing a lot of deep diving on the balance sheet accounts to make sure I understand what I should see, so that when something doesn’t seem right, it sticks out to me. I’m also learning the processes that the team utilizes, so I can make sure we’re taking full advantage of all the technology we have available to us. Right now, my typical day involves asking a lot of questions: “How do you do this?” “Why do you do that?”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I have this really, really, really deep passion for making sure kids today have access to quality education, so I spend a lot of time volunteering in the school district I live in. My daughter is no longer a student there; she’s in college now, but I still volunteer at the high school with various committees, making sure that we’re educating kids for the jobs of the future. I’m part of an innovation committee in Allen. I’ve also joined Collin College on their business management and marketing advisory committee. I try to make sure that kids today are making the best choices when they’re trying to get a higher education and that they have the type of skills employers are looking for.

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