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How Clean Are Our Children's Schools?

ISSA_Logo_SmallPop quiz time! Which one of the following items found in schools contains more bacteria: the toilet seat, or the water fountain spigot? Before we give you the answer, we'll explain why you should care.

Even if you're not the facility manager of a school, chances are good that you have a child in school. Which means you should care about how clean his or her school is.

Based on an infographic from ISSA (the International Sanitation Supply Association), your child's school could probably use some help in the sanitation department. For instance, ISSA's infographic shows that only 43.5% of school districts provide guidance for infectious disease prevention, and that cleanliness is usually defined by a visual inspection. However, when quantitative standards are used to measure cleanliness, health can improve. Check out the full infographic.

How Dirty Is Your Child's School?

In case you missed the answer to our question, it's the water fountain spigot. Eek.

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