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What It Means to Provide the Right People for a Reliable Experience


When Prestige Maintenance USA began 42 years ago, founders Marie and Alex Diverno instilled the company with clear-cut core values and a well-defined purpose. Those values have served the company well, supporting its growth over the past four decades and building a strong relationship between employees and clients.

However, much has changed since the company first started, and PMUSA recently updated its purpose statement to reflect some of those changes.

“We felt it was time to reflect on our purpose statement, think about what we deliver and the value it brings to our clients,” says Rachel Sanchez, PMUSA CEO, whose parents started the company. “My brother and I grew up in this business, so we have been there all along the way. And we thought it was time for a statement that was more aligned with what we are about today.”

Power to the (Right) People

That new purpose statement, “Right People, Reliable Experience,” perfectly and simply explains what drives PMUSA.

“We’re a service company. We have 2,500 employees at hundreds of locations,” Sanchez explains. “To deliver our core values every day, we are 100% dependent upon our team. So having the right people is critical; we cannot do this without them.”

That’s why PMUSA puts so much focus on who they bring onto their team.

“If we have the right person, he or she will deliver a reliable experience.”

Creating Reliability in an Uncertain World

Today, reliability is more valued than ever, but increasingly harder to find. Retailers are facing competition from other shops on the street, as well as through the ever-growing online retail sector.

With online taking an ever-larger slice of the pie, brick-and-mortar retailers have to find a way to motivate people to get off the couch and come into their store. Sanchez says that her team is part of that process, providing a clean, inviting environment where customers want to linger — and visit again.

In the commercial business space, PMUSA is committed to making sure that it stands out with consistent excellence and a relentless commitment to making each space pleasant and appealing.

In both of these cases, Sanchez says, it comes down to reliability. By promising and delivering a reliable experience, PMUSA ensures that clients know that their needs are going to be met — every time. Even when their needs change, and the tasks they need done may vary or change, clients know that they can expect to get exactly what they are looking for.

“Being able to communicate is critical,” Sanchez says. “A reliable experience means that you have that open communication with the client and can say, ‘Does this meet your needs? Does something else need to be addressed?’ When they know you’re going to touch base and make sure you’re meeting their needs, you see a real connection happen.”

That engagement translates into a positive experience for both sides; it leads to clients who stay with the company for years, as well as tenured employees who find deep satisfaction in the work they’re doing.

“We have always grown our business through delivering quality results,” Sanchez says. “There’s a direct association between tenured employees and client retention.”

Quality Employees, Quality Results

That’s where finding the right people for the job comes in. PMUSA depends on people who are going to stay on board and can help grow existing contracts with clients. Many of the company’s greatest hiring success stories are the result of referrals from current employees.

“We find the right people through having the right people. We get many of our best people as referrals from our best people. That has always worked best for us.”

Although PMUSA hires exceptional employees through online recruiting, online job posts and job fairs, it’s typically the one-on-one connection that brings much of their top talent. To encourage it, PMUSA has implemented a team member referral program providing cash incentives to employees who refer candidates that get hired.

“This is a tough business and a competitive one, which is why we’ve chosen to focus on culture,” Sanchez says. “We want people to feel like we are all one big family.”

Other programs to reward employees include a bonus program that encourages managers to hand out cash bonuses on the spot when employees go above and beyond, and recognition for years of service. Being able to recognize and reward employees with money adds to employees’ appreciation for the company (in addition to knowing how greatly they are appreciated).

“If we hire and retain the right people, they will provide the client with a reliable experience,” Sanchez says. “And when we, as a company, can deliver a reliable experience, we see results. We keep our clients, we keep our employees. That, to me, is where we know that we are doing something right.”

Are you looking for a professional cleaning company that can deliver a reliable experience? Contact Prestige Maintenance USA today.

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