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How Core Values Shape Company Culture at PMUSA


When Prestige Maintenance USA updated its purpose statement a few months ago, it wanted to reflect some of the changes the company has been through in recent years. But, says CEO Rachel Sanchez, the company also wanted to make sure that the new statement placed an emphasis on PMUSA’s core values.

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What It Means to Provide the Right People for a Reliable Experience


When Prestige Maintenance USA began 42 years ago, founders Marie and Alex Diverno instilled the company with clear-cut core values and a well-defined purpose. Those values have served the company well, supporting its growth over the past four decades and building a strong relationship between employees and clients.

However, much has changed since the company first started, and PMUSA recently updated its purpose statement to reflect some of those changes.

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Get to Know Us: Victor Castaneda and Gabino Lezama Share 20 Years of Memories

Normally, the "Get to Know Us" column introduces you to new faces at Prestige Maintenance USA, but this quarter, we wanted to celebrate our 40th anniversary by showcasing some long-time employees who have helped make the company what it is today. Regional Managers Victor Castaneda and Gabino Lezama have each been with PMUSA for more than two decades. Get to know a little more about these valued managers.

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A Special 40th Anniversary Contest for PMUSA Employees

This year, Prestige Maintenance USA is celebrating 40 years as a family-owned provider of award-winning janitorial and facility maintenance services. We would not be where we are today without you, our valued employees. That’s why we want to give you a chance to win prizes by commemorating this milestone with us.

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Get to Know Us: Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones Chief Financial Officer Office: Plano, Texas Official Start Date at PMUSA: September 1, 2015

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Get to Know Us: John Torres

John Torres Senior Director of Operations Years at PMUSA: 3 months

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Get to Know Us: Maribel Chavez and Jimmy Arroyo

Maribel Chavez Portfolio Manager Customer Excellence Department Office: Chicago Years with PMUSA: 2.5

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Our Capabilities

Download the PMUSA Capabilities document for complete details about the janitorial and facility maintenance services we provide.

Taking Care of Our Planet

Our green initiatives include recycling programs, and the use of energy- efficient equipment and non-toxic chemicals. Find out more »