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The Safety Hazards of Cleaning Products

Breathing in a cleaning solution that has not been properly diluted can cause temporary asthma. Make sure you’re properly protecting janitorial workers in your facility from potentially harmful disinfectants.

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8 Tips For Ensuring Your Building Occupants Are Safe On The Job

What would you do if an employee were injured on your watch? The risk is real: According to the most recent statistics released by the Bureau of Labor, nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occur in a year. At best these on-the-job accidents result in diminished productivity; at worst, fatality. Read on for our simple tips to help ensure occupational safety.

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Our Capabilities

Download the PMUSA Capabilities document for complete details about the janitorial and facility maintenance services we provide.

Taking Care of Our Planet

Our green initiatives include recycling programs, and the use of energy- efficient equipment and non-toxic chemicals. Find out more »