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Survey Says: Bad Bathrooms = Bad Management

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Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathrooms Clean


Let's keep it clean. Photo: Flickr/Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious
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Soak This In: Detergent, Soap and Disinfectant Are NOT the Same

They both clean, right? So why should you care whether you’re using soaps or detergents as you maintain facilities? Let us explain.

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The Safety Hazards of Cleaning Products

Breathing in a cleaning solution that has not been properly diluted can cause temporary asthma. Make sure you’re properly protecting janitorial workers in your facility from potentially harmful disinfectants.

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How Clean Are Our Children's Schools?

Pop quiz time! Which one of the following items found in schools contains more bacteria: the toilet seat, or the water fountain spigot? Before we give you the answer, we'll explain why you should care.

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Our Capabilities

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Taking Care of Our Planet

Our green initiatives include recycling programs, and the use of energy- efficient equipment and non-toxic chemicals. Find out more »