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Five Facilities Management Trends for 2016 and Beyond

The world of facilities management changes almost daily. This year the industry has already begun to shift in several significant ways. Here, we’ve detailed five big trends.

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Retailers: Who’s the Greenest of Them All?

When it comes to corporate sustainability and environmental impact, which retailers rank the highest? Newsweek has the answers. The magazine, in partnership with Corporate Knights Capital, HIP (Human Impact + Profit), Investor, Inc. and others, ranked the world’s largest companies on their “greenness.” We broke down the list to bring you the top multiline and specialty retailers.

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What You Can Learn from the World's Greenest Buildings

Follow these tips and tactics to help your facility save money, conserve energy and reduce environmental impact.

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Dallas Business Journal Honors PMUSA CEO in 2015 Women in Business Awards

DALLAS — August 31, 2015 — Rachel Sanchez, CEO of Prestige Maintenance USA (PMUSA), was recently announced as an honoree in the 2015 Women in Business Awards. Organized by the Dallas Business Journal, the awards recognize female leaders who are shaping the North Texas business scene.

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PMUSA Earns Elite 'Green Building' Certification

Less than 1 percent of janitorial firms achieve the CIMS with Honors distinction as PMUSA has.
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What Does It Cost to ‘Go Green’? Do the Math

In the not-too-distant past, facility managers thought environmentally preferable cleaners were too expensive and not as effective as conventional cleaners. If this is still your perception, it’s time to rethink it. But not just because we say so, but because there’s a handy calculator that can help you truly determine the cost-effectiveness of using greener cleaners. Check out the calculator, which was developed by the EPA.

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3 Retailers Take Charge in Green Cleaning

Today’s consumers want to spend money on socially responsible brands. Over 50 percent are willing to shell out more money for products made by companies that are committed to positive environmental impact, according to a new study by Nielsen.

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Eco-Friendly Deicers

What's the best way to melt all the ice on the road in an eco-friendly way? According to a recent National Geographic article, traditional deicers "can harm aquatic life and vegetation when the ice-salt mix seeps into groundwater and streams, where it can remain for decades. Salt also eats into metals, cars, and concrete."
Photo: Flickr/williambrawley
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5 Reasons You Should Care About Certifications


CIMS-GB-certified vendors like PMUSA adhere to management best practices that cover quality systems; service delivery; human resources; health, safety and environmental stewardship; and management commitment.

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Indoor Bike Storage: How to Make Space and Recoup Costs

  More than 780,000 Americans biked to work in 2012, according to a recent report. Make sure you’re carving out space in your facility to accommodate these new commuters.

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Our Capabilities

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Taking Care of Our Planet

Our green initiatives include recycling programs, and the use of energy- efficient equipment and non-toxic chemicals. Find out more »